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Himalayan Rock Salt - Crystal and Fine 1 kg bags

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Himalayan Rock Salt - Crystal and Fine 1 kg bags

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Salt has been treasured throughout time by both man and animals alike; it is a vital substance for maintaining health. Sodium is an essential nutrient. The body cannot manufacture sodium, yet is it is required for life itself. Chloride is also vital for optimum health: it preserves the acid-base balance in the body, aids potassium absorption, supplies the essence of digestive stomach acid, and enhances the ability of the blood to carry carbon dioxide from respiring tissues to the lungs. Isolated, synthetic, sodium chloride (table salt) however, with none of the valuable minerals and trace elements, cannot be assimilated by the body, making it a poison to the system. 

An Essential Element of Life

Himalayan Crystal Salt originates from the primal seas of thousands of years ago. Dried by the sun at a time where pollution did not exist, Himalayan Crystal Salt is totally pure and contains every mineral and trace element found in the human body.

Every cell in our body is bathed in a clear fluid called or extracellular fluid. Despite what we have been led to believe, salt is as equally as important to the human body as water. As long as you are drinking enough water, salt is absolutely essential for the body to generate hydroelectric energy, maintain good blood chemistry, balance the correct amount of water in our blood and cells, aid digestion and allow our nervous system and muscles to function normally. Without salt you would not be able to think nor act. 

The mineral particles in crystal salt are totally organic and so tiny that they are easily metabolized for the bio-chemical functioning of human cells. Because of this, Himalayan crystal salt is one of nature’s most effective natural remedies. 

All salts are NOT the same! 

Science has arrived at some dangerous conclusions based on the wrong salt. The vast majority of salt in the world is used for industrial purposes; only 7% is used for food, so it's no great surprise that the effects of refined salt are of little consequence to manufacturers. Refined salt is blasted with heat, changing its very structure. Additives such as dextrose and bleaching agents are then thrown into the mix, creating a product that far from being naturally alive with minerals, is in fact a dead chemical. Your body has to sacrifice energy in order to try and metabolize refined salt, and it upsets many processes within the body including fluid balance and elimination systems.


Health Benefits of Pure Salts

In proper proportion to water, salt:-                                 

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