Why Supplement?

Why Supplement?

Much of the food we consume these days has changed from the food that our grandparents would have eaten.

Firstly, Intensive Farming methods, now adopted by the majority of farmers, result in soils that are depleted of vital nutrients. Nutrients missing from the soil cannot be incorporated into the plants.

Secondly the use of artificial fertilizers increases the size of produce by drawing water into the plants. This swells the tissue to make the produce larger, but leaves it deficient in nutrients and flavour. Our eyes might like what we see but our taste buds can’t be fooled.

Thirdly there is the problem of food being picked too soon when still unripe. This is practised so that by the time produce has been transported to its final destination it will be just about ready to eat. But vital nutrients that are only formed when a fruit ripens can no longer be formed. This is the main reason why vine ripened fruits and vegetables taste so much better. Our food is often transported from far distant places and stored for long period of time  - a practice that wouldn't have happened in days gone by when people ate locally grown foods and shopped daily.

Furthermore we live in an environment surrounded by a myriad of toxic chemicals and even much of our food is processed, refined and loaded with addatives that bear no resemblance to food. The result is a body that is under considerable stress and struggling to deal with this onslaught. Many people are sick and suffering from disease. It has been estimated that as many as 60% of the population are suffering from diseases in which diet is the main cause. 

Once upon a time we could get all the nutrients we needed from food. Sadly that is no longer the case. To nurture the body and stay healthy we need to supplement our diet with vital missing nutrients and substances that nullify the toxic effects of poisons that we come into contact with.

As you can see there are many reasons why the food we eat today doesn’t contain the goodness we once would have expected.